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More than one way to finance your house

Updated: Feb 29

Felicity Heffernan, founder and CEO of Property Loan Advisor, and Paul Zalitis, the Aussie Wrapper have a conversation about expanding one's vision of buying a property.

Here is another incredible opportunity to learn from yet another esteemed expert in the field of property investment. Felicity Heffernan has been in this industry 'since dinosaurs roamed the earth' as she calls it. With more than 40 years in finance and more than a decade in property investment, during which she acquired an astounding 151 properties, Felicity considers herself a pioneer in Vendor Financing and has a wealth of experience and insights to bring to the table.

You may know her also as the author of the book, Extraordinary Property Investing. The book covers four key areas in the property investment process that will ensure an aspiring property investor has the tools and confidence to start building their very own property portfolio.

Expand your vision about ways to buy a property

0:20 About Felicity

2:36 How difficult is it to get into property investing given the current lending situation?

What advice would you give?

6:46 Are there any criteria that would qualify self-employed people for a loan?

9:54 Why would people go to Felicity for an investment or home loan as opposed to

turning to a bank?

11:35 Ways to finance a house. Why Felicity likes Vendor Financing.

13:44 Paul explains how the Vendor Financier essentially becomes ' the bank'.

14:48 What advice would you give people who want to do Vendor Financing?

20:10 As a Vendor Finance coach, what is Paul's process in getting someone ready for

Vendor Financing?

20:48 Felicity talks about her book, Extraordinary Property Investing

33:08 Paul's take on research and preparing well

34:36 Felicity on getting started step-by-step and the importance of being organised

Tune in to the insights from Felicity Heffernan and Paul Zalitis.

Having a coach is key

Felicity brings an important piece of advice to those getting started on Vendor Finance - having a mentor is important. It means you will always have someone behind you, with the skills and expertise, to get you through nasty periods.

It is important to experience obstacles in your Vendor Financing journey together with your coach, because you want to have someone there with you as a guide, so you don't have to struggle to figure it all out when things go wrong. Your coach is someone who has seen it all and has 'been there, done that' so they are well equipped to ensure you don't go off track.

Learn more about how one of my clients, Dylan Salotti, got started on his successful Vendor Financing journey with me.

I have personally done all the leg work with Vendor Finance and I am sharing what works with my clients by turning my experience and expertise into a strategically clear system for creating positive cashflow in a property.

Check out my Aussie Wrapper Complete Guide and get ready to embark on this rewarding financial journey towards freedom with me, the Aussie Wrapper.

To Your Success Paul Zalitis, and I am The Aussie Wrapper helping you generate wealth

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After doing vendor financing for 30 years, I wanted to share this knowledge with you so you can start creating your own positive cash flow.

I have mentioned the Aussie Wrapper's Complete Guide several times. It’s a compilation of all my knowledge and expertise that helps you beat the negative gearing rat race and build yourself a positive income stream. I want you to create your positive cash flow and wealth and at the same time help others who get rejected by the banks to own a home. It’s a win-win situation.

Go to for the Complete Guide. I’m here to help you create wealth, so jump on.

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About Paul Zalitis, the Aussie Wrapper

What I’ve been doing is helping mates create positive cash flow and helping them achieve their dreams of owning property and building their finances through Property Vendor Financing.

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