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Everything you want to know about Buying a Property for Investment plus Vendor Financing

Updated: Feb 29

Geoff Woodham of Nationwide Property Brokers and Paul Zalitis, the Aussie Wrapper come together to answer questions on how they assess what properties are a good investment.

As the Aussie Wrapper, Step One Research is always on my mind. I never stop learning and am always looking to speak to other experts to hear their point of view on property investment.

I invited Geoff Woodham of Nationwide Property Brokers to share his perspective on how to assess if a property is a good investment or not. Watch our conversation below and get some useful takeaways to boost your Property Investment journey.

Residential Property Investment Advice with Geoff Woodham | The Aussie Wrapper

Residential Property Investment Advice and Vendor Financing

1:18 What is your experience Geoff as a property broker?

2:16 How financing has become more challenging recently?

3:04 When it comes to investment properties, what do people actually look for?

4:30 What does Paul think of negative gearing?

5:18 In what other ways can people look at investing properties for positive cash flow?

6:00 Is property vendor finance the perfect option for certain investors?

7:40 Many people are not aware that there is the option of vendor financing. Does this

mean the real estate agent may be the one recommending it?

10:00 What kind of homework should an investor do?

13:23 Would you look at things like vendor yield?

14:39 What is the 'homework' investors need to do, from Paul's perspective?

16:55 Why is it preferable to buy a brick home?

17:24 "Don't buy the property as an investor based on emotion." Why is that?

17:55 Is it possible to purchase below market value at this time?

19:28 What kind of people is Paul looking for to guide in his Aussie Wrapper's Complete

Guide course?

20:18 What's the perfect profile of Wrappees?

21:07 From start to finish, how long is the vendor finance process?

21:31 Are there any interesting investment properties Geoff is selling now?

Listen to Geoff Woodham and Paul Zalitis share their expertise and knowledge.

You can get a consistent flow of positive cash flow from residential properties. Vendor Financing is actually a century-old legacy in Australia. It is a way for you, the investor, to offer a helping hand to buyers who are unable to secure bank loans due to stricter requirements and a variety of other reasons.

Uncover the blueprint for success and prepare to leverage the ultimate wealth creation formula — the Australian Holy Grail of positive cash flow through Vendor Finance. Check out my Aussie Wrapper Complete Guide and redefine your financial journey with me, the Aussie Wrapper.

To Your Success Paul Zalitis, and I am The Aussie Wrapper helping you generate wealth

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After doing vendor financing for 30 years, I wanted to share this knowledge with you so you can start creating your own positive cash flow.

I have mentioned the Aussie Wrapper's Complete Guide several times. It’s a compilation of all my knowledge and expertise that helps you beat the negative gearing rat race and build yourself a positive income stream. I want you to create your positive cash flow and wealth and at the same time help others who get rejected by the banks to own a home. It’s a win-win situation.

Go to for the Complete Guide. I’m here to help you create wealth, so jump on.

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About Paul Zalitis, the Aussie Wrapper

What I’ve been doing is helping mates create positive cash flow and helping them achieve their dreams of owning property and building their finances through Property Vendor Financing.

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