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Gain Super Knowledge to create Positive Cash Flow

VIP Complete Guide to Property Vendor Financing

Ready to unlock a steady stream of positive cash flow from residential properties? 🏡💰 Discover the time-tested magic of Vendor Financing, a strategy with a century-old legacy in Australia.


Become the mastermind Investor, reshaping real estate. Extend a helping hand to Buyers who can't access bank loans due to tightening requirements. Seize the moment to own prime investment properties while cultivating Positive Cash Flow.


You're not just an investor; you're a financial hero, outsmarting the banks at their own game! 


But every hero needs a mentor. Uncover the playbook for success and get ready to harness the real wealth creation formula — the Australian Holy Grail of positive cash flow through Vendor Finance.


Empower yourself with 6 eCourses, exclusive one-on-one coaching sessions and more, valued at $3,440, now at an incredible price of only $997. Don't miss your chance to thrive in the world of Property Vendor Financing with The Aussie Wrapper. Join now and redefine your financial journey! 👇

Usual Price $3,440 now only $997 

I made $307,000 on property investments using Vendor Finance.

What will you be making if you go at it full-time? 

Anyone can pick up the proven methods and processes in the Complete Guide and use them IMMEDIATELY to make positive cashflow not just a reality but also bring in a constant revenue stream. I made $307,000 on property investments doing Vendor Financing only part-time. What will you be making if you go at it full-time? 

Usual Price $3,440

What Others Say

Ilham Aukusitino

I want to sincerely say thank you, Paul, for your mentorship through the wrapping my first property. You were always approachable, you gave me the time I needed to talk through things, you followed me up to see where things were at and you gave me extra tips on how to ask certain questions in the most effective way when qualifying applicants.

Since my first wrap, doing a couple of courses and time spend talking to you, I have moved on to do a second mortgage carry back on another property. Most excitingly, I have now commenced my own company named Private Sales Made Easy which is trading as Buying Your Home.

Thank you so much again Paul for your support!!!

Greg Higgins

“I bought a house for a vendor finance deal, and I was having trouble finding people to get into the house. I had a basic grasp of how the wrapping process worked but I was getting a lot of the little details wrong.

Once Paul came along and helped me fine tune my ads in the paper, I started receiving a lot more phone calls. He also helped me with the lingo to use to make the clients feel comfortable and get them familiar with how the process works when they come and inspect the home.

I’d definitely recommend Paul the Aussie Wrapper to other clients. He helped me get my first deal done and I think if you can get someone you can talk to and someone you can ring it makes a heap of difference on that first deal.

I recommend people just get in there and have a go and trust that Paul will be there to help you with anything you need to know and answer any questions you may have”.

The Complete Guide is usually $3,440 and is available to you now for only $997.

Imagine getting every single tried-and-tested resource and tool you need on the market to start wrapping. I have personally done all the leg work so I'm bringing you only what works. I've taken everything I've learnt and turned it into a strategically clear system for creating positive cashflow in a property. Anyone can pick up these tools, start wrapping straight away and create your own wealth. This Complete Guide is usually $3,440 and it's available to you now for only $997. Vendor Financing is truly your best real estate strategy. 

Aussie Wrapper houses brown Brand Elements-08.png

Why the Complete Guide is all you ever need to make a real, positive change in your financial vision:

  • It’s the real estate investment strategy that’s a win-win for both parties. You can become financially free and help good hearted Aussies finally own their own home and escape the rental trap.


  • Slashes your negative gearing losses. Start making an income from real estate TODAY.

  • Generates rivers of revenue through positive cashflow in real estate. We all dream of multiple income streams, but you can now make it your reality!


  • The tiny ad that helped bring me over $300,000.00 part time in only 10 years. Use it year after year to bring you positive cashflow streams.


  • Fill in the blank contract templates that save you thousands of $$$’s in solicitor fees. Use them again and again and never pay a royalty EVER!


  • The 7 vital MUST HAVES you need before you embark on your vendor finance journey. (pg.15 of Complete Guide)


  • The 3 things you must seek out like a detective when finding the right property. Miss one of these and you’re leaving a stack of money on the table (pg.13 of Complete Guide)


  • The 2 secret techniques that make your property ads jump off the page and grab your prospects by the eyeballs. They can’t help but read them and call you for an inspection.

  • The 23 point checklist that ensures you only buy the best homes. Never be caught out buying a dud property that eats your profits again (pg.52 of Complete Guide).


  • The 11 step phone script that converts leads to face to face inspections like crazy. Flood your houses with prospective buyers all competing with each other to buy at top dollar (pg.39 of Complete Guide).


  • The best places to advertise that cost peanuts but bring prospective buyers to you like bees to honey. Don’t be caught wasting thousands of $$$’s in expensive magazines. These effective low cost options save you a packet.


  • What you must NEVER do in a vendor finance deal. This one devastating mistake could be enough to end your investing career.


  • The proven, battle tested advertising templates that bring prospective buyers to you in hordes. You send your phone into a meltdown when you run these profit pulling ads.


  • The 7 terms you MUST include in every offer. These terms make sellers buckle and drop their price faster than Usain Bolt sprints 100 meters. (pg. 17 of Complete Guide).


  • How to protect yourself in a vendor finance deal. These precautions protect you like a bulletproof vest if things don’t go as planned.


  • 5 jam-packed sections that walk you through the process of vendor finance. These are the exact methods and templates I have used to make over $307,000.00 part time on just one property.


  • The low down on exactly which areas you need to buy in for maximum success. Never waste countless hours exploring dud areas again.


  • The 137 word template that saves you 10’s of thousands of $$$ when purchasing property. This one document alone is worth an absolute fortune.

  • The secret method that attracts only the best, most qualified buyers. These lovely folks put money in your pocket week after week, sometimes for years.


  • Examples, forms and templates of everything you need to go from fresh newbie to positive cashflow king. You’ll never wonder what to do next because it’s all been done for you, just copy and paste!

What's in the Complete Guide

Aussie Wrapper Guide
Discovery Call
6 Aussie Wrapper PDF Courses
eMail Support
Industry Contacts to help you get into the market quicker
7 Biggest Fears DVD
The Australian Wrap Report
Spiderman Hero: Paul Zalitis, The Aussie Wrapper, Expert in Vendor Financing

Your Complete Guide comes with 
Free 6 eCourses and Personal Call with Paul Zalitis, The Aussie Wrapper

Wrapping and vendor finance is becoming a serious business in Australia. I want to share my experience, skills and knowledge with those who are genuinely keen on succeeding. 


Are you an Action Taker?

  • Available for 7 specially chosen people who are strictly selected.

  • I'm looking for action takers, and people who believe in themselves.

  • I want people who are motivated, excited and passionate about affording a house or be investors themselves.

  • I work with those who put in the legwork, who are go-getters.

  • Full-on guarantee I'll help these 7 people wrap their first property with my coaching. 

Usual Price $3,440.

My Confident Guarantee

Paul Zalitis, The Aussie Wrapper, Expert in Vendor Financing

Paul Zalitis

Helping Mates Create Wealth with Vendor Financing

The Complete Guide works, and I've proven it and so have my clients. And to offer you an iron-clad assurance, in the extremely unlikely event you're not absolutely blown away by my product, you'll receive a prompt and courteous refund of every cent you invested. Hassle-free. No questions asked. Simply return the product to me and let me know in writing within 30 days of purchase. 


Embark on your positive cashflow journey and fully experience the Complete Guide for a full 12 months. Use the templates to save money on your offers, use the advertising methods to get your phone ringing off the hook, and use the screening processes to ensure you get only the most qualified clients. AND in the extremely unlikely event you do ALL of this and don't complete a vendor finance deal in the first 12 months, I'll give you DOUBLE your money back for wasting your time. 


A big part of success is accountability. You need to take my knowledge and guidance and show me where you've applied it. Share with me the steps you've taken, the applications you've sent to the banks, your offers to purchase. I am here to guide you, and if you don't complete at least one deal after 12 months, then I've failed you. It's as simple as that. 


I can offer you a spectacular program, but it works only if you walk your talk. I have succeeded with these strategies, and so have my clients. I've encountered my fair share of stumbling blocks through my experience trying to work out my finances. And I had no guidance when I started.


Your advantage is getting a clean slate of proven techniques, plus my guidance to walk through the processes with you. And, property wrapping is so great because you really just do the deal once, and you get paid again and again, simply because the buyer wants to use your financing. This is pure leverage and not many situations in property investing allow you to do that. 


It's just one click to a leap into a better financial future. Starting right now. 

Paul-Zalitis- The Aussie Wrapper Complete Guide.jpg

Save $2,443

Batman: The Aussie Wraper Complete Guide to Vendor Financing

More Heroic Benefits

  • Go from constant losses to weekly profits in 90 days or less. You don't need to be an investment guru to be able to apply the steps and make a real, sustainable second income. 

  •  Strategies to walk you through the complete process of vendor finance. These are the exact methods and templates I have used to make over $307,000 part-time. Imagine what you can do if you go at it full-time.  


  • Get examples, forms and templates of everything you need to go from zero to hero in the positive cashflow arena. You'll never feel lost, and you'll save precious time and energy, because it's all been done for you. Just copy and paste! 

A bright financial future awaits

Seasoned investors out there, just envision this:

You can leverage off your capital and wrap up to a house a month. There are rivers of revenue streaming into your bank account each week. And once it's set up, put it on autopilot so you're making money without moving any more muscles wherever you are! 


Those brand new to the property investment space, your future is just as bright: No more Negative Gearing false promises. You may have just started on your investment journey but you'll already be making positive cashflow from the beginning. No more years of struggle and grind, testing ways that do not work and just suck you dry.


Just straight to the RIGHT strategy. 


It really is easy and fast to begin making positive cashflow using the tools, templates and strategies in the Complete Guide. Make a REAL difference and feel the motivation, because it WORKS. You can say goodbye to all that talk about spending $1 to squeeze back a miserly 30cts. 


Right here, right now is your door to financial freedom, passive income and multiple revenue streams. 

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