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The first step to Vendor Financing - RESEARCH

Updated: Feb 29

Here's the first thing you have to do in Vendor Finance - Research, Research, Research.

First step to vendor financing - research | Paul Zalitis | The Aussie Wrapper
  1. You can look up, Also For Sale By Owner FSBO and Gumtree for real estate.

  2. Search for the type of house you want to buy. You need to purchase a home that is not too cheap and not too expensive. You need to purchase a home that is the medium of that suburb which means you take the cheapest home in the suburb and then you take the most expensive house in that suburb and find the average price between the two.

  3. Go and look at the house yourself.

  4. A good house to purchase would be a 3 or 4 bedroom home that is Brick veneer and has good bones e.g. ( Not falling down).

  5. Walk the streets and talk to the neighbours about the street and the area.

  6. Is it safe? Has there been any crime in this area?

  7. Get a mentor.

This is where I come in to guide you through the process of which house to buy. As Napoleon Hill said “The starting point of all achievement is desire.” so go on, book a call with me here at

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Vendor Financing is really your best real estate strategy:

  1. It’s a win-win for both parties. You can become financially free and help good-hearted Aussies finally own their dream home and escape the relentless rental trap. (I can’t think of other financial strategies that actually benefit both sides!)

  2. Slash your negative gearing losses. You can actually start making an income from real estate right away. You don’t have to be a slave anymore! Imagine the mental and financial freedom you can enjoy.

  3. Generate consistent, sustainable revenue through positive cashflow in real estate. You can make multiple income streams a reality. That brings so much peace of mind in our current financial climate.

If you have any questions, place them in the comments or email to

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See you soon.

Paul Zalitis, and I am The Aussie Wrapper helping you generate wealth


About Paul Zalitis, the Aussie Wrapper

What I’ve been doing is helping mates create positive cash flow and helping them achieve their dreams of owning property and building their finances through Property Vendor Financing.

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