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Dylan Salotti's successful venture into Vendor Finance

Updated: Feb 29

Dylan Salotti was looking at different strategies out there available to property investors. Obviously, he wanted a strategy that will give him positive cash flow and even capital growth.

His research led him to property vendor financing. And to Paul Zalitis, the Aussie Wrapper, as a mentor to guide him.

"To be successful in Property Vendor Financing for the purpose of building positive cash flow, you'll need someone like Paul Zalitis, the Aussie Wrapper to mentor and guide you. Otherwise, you'll be shooting in the dark, may not succeed and take a longer time to understand how to do it properly. Thank you Paul!" - Dylan Salotti

Listen to how this young property investor used Vendor Financing to acquire not one but THREE properties to build Positive Cash Flow.

Dylan shares his personal experience of starting out on his own Vendor Finance journey:

  1. How did you hear about Vendor Financing?

  2. What made you embark on Vendor Financing?

  3. Tell us about your experience, learning (challenges and resolutions).

  4. Did Vendor Financing mentoring help you?

  5. What are the top three things you learnt from Paul through mentoring about Vendor Finance?

  6. Any advice to those who want to do Vendor Financing?

"...just having that accessibility, Paul, and your knowledge was very invaluable. And, you know, if I'm being honest, was probably the real reason why I was able to get quite a bit of success from the strategy." - Dylan Salotti

When you are committed to your Vendor Finance journey, so am I. Dylan and I had lots of interesting conversations to resolve his doubts and guide him along, so you are never on your own when you are new to Vendor Finance here. You can put your doubts in the comments or contact me.

I am proud of Dylan's success, and can't wait to celebrate yours too. Watch Dylan's video and be inspired to get started on your personal Vendor Finance journey!

To Your Success Paul Zalitis, and I am The Aussie Wrapper helping you generate wealth

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After doing vendor financing for 30 years, I wanted to share this knowledge with you so you can start creating your own positive cash flow.

I have mentioned the Aussie Wrapper's Complete Guide several times. It’s a compilation of all my knowledge and expertise that helps you beat the negative gearing rat race and build yourself a positive income stream. I want you to create your positive cash flow and wealth and at the same time help others who get rejected by the banks to own a home. It’s a win-win situation.

Go to for the Complete Guide. I’m here to help you create wealth, so jump on.

The Aussie Wrapper Complete Guide complete with 6 courses and coaching with Paul Zalitis, the Aussie Wrapper


About Paul Zalitis, the Aussie Wrapper

What I’ve been doing is helping mates create positive cash flow and helping them achieve their dreams of owning property and building their finances through Property Vendor Financing.

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