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Property Market Sentiments

Updated: Feb 29

National Australia Bank (NAB) views that house prices see a further small fall from First Quarter of 2023, around -3.5%, and then a period of flat prices followed by a drop around 4% by the end of the year.

The key driver of the decline to date in dwelling prices has been the very big reduction in borrowing power as rates have risen 12 times since May 2022.

NAB sees the economy slowing, as the impact of higher rates and inflation weigh on household consumption plus a deterioration in the unemployment rate.

However, stronger population growth, a tight rental market and strong labour market are key offsets.

NAB didn’t paint a very nice picture. I feel for young families who yearn to own their own homes. I also feel for those who have investment properties for the purpose of negative gearing, suddenly find themselves falling short in cash flow as repayments keep increasing.

I want to help them. I am an expert in vendor financing.

So if you are looking for an investment property then you can help young families who fail to get a bank loan live in their own homes. At the same time, you can build consistent positive cash flow. It’s a win-win situation for both investors like yourself and those looking to buy a house and couldn’t get a bank loan.

So how can we do this?

I'm Paul Zalitis, the Aussie Wrapper - helping mates create wealth through Property Vendor Financing.

Australia has practised Vendor Financing for more than a hundred years.

For property investors like yourself, you can choose vendor finance as a way to on-sell your property for a better price than a standard cash sale. Selling on terms therefore provides a better outcome than selling for cash because it makes the property more attractive to potential buyers.

The buyer who chooses vendor finance is usually looking for a home to live in. You can help buyers take the first step on the path to home ownership through vendor finance.

In short, by using vendor finance, a seller receives two benefits; the first is that the seller sells the property more quickly than if offered at a cash price because the property is attractive to more buyers, and because the price does not need to be discounted for a quick sale, because terms are being offered.

The benefit is that the vendor can sell their property for a better price, and that a purchaser can buy a property now without going to a bank.

The Vendor in a vendor financing situation is referred to as the Wrapper and the Purchaser is referred to as the Wrappee.

A Wrapper selling a property can offer Vendor Finance to a Wrappee who cannot get a bank loan. Here are the benefits to both parties.

1. The wrapper gains a passive monthly income from the instalments. Normally the instalments are 2% higher than the bank rate. If the wrapper has taken a bank loan to purchase the house and now financing it to the wrappee, the money received from the wrappee will cover the bank instalments plus a passive gain monthly.

2. The title of the property still remains with the Wrapper.

3. The Wrapper is helping the wrappee along the path to home ownership.

4. After several years, the Wrappee can apply for a bank loan and pay the wrapper the full amount for the house. The Wrapper makes a profit here.

So it is a win-win situation for both the wrapper and the wrappee.

A lot of this information is mentioned in the Aussie Wrapper Complete Guide. Go to to find out more.

If you have any questions, place them in the comments or contact me.

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To Your Success Paul Zalitis, and I am The Aussie Wrapper helping you generate wealth


After doing vendor financing for 30 years, I wanted to share this knowledge with you so you can start creating your own positive cash flow.

I have mentioned the Aussie Wrapper's Complete Guide several times. It’s a compilation of all my knowledge and expertise that helps you beat the negative gearing rat race and build yourself a positive income stream. I want you to create your positive cash flow and wealth and at the same time help others who get rejected by the banks to own a home. It’s a win-win situation.

Go to for the Complete Guide. I’m here to help you create wealth, so jump on.

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About Paul Zalitis, the Aussie Wrapper

What I’ve been doing is helping mates create positive cash flow and helping them achieve their dreams of owning property and building their finances through Property Vendor Financing.

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