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The fourth step to Vendor Financing - LEGAL ASPECTS

Updated: Feb 29

This step is where you get all your legal questions on Vendor Financing answered. Tony Cordato, one of the top lawyers in Australia proficient with the legal aspects of property vendor finance, joins us to give you a clear idea of what you need to take note of.

Tony has been doing vendor financing law for more than 20 years, and he himself has also had experience with the actual process of Vendor Finance. Watch the interview with Tony below.


2:29 Tony explains why he believes in Vendor Financing.

3:06 Tony gives an interesting analogy of how the process is like buying a cake, slice by slice.

4:01 Why can't some people get bank loans?

5:35 Does the title of the house remain with the Wrapper or the Wrappee?

6:22 Is Vendor Finance risky?

6:47 What is an Instalment Contract and how does it work?

7:59 Six things a Wrapper needs to be aware of to be successful in Vendor Financing.

12:39 Other things to think about regarding the Wrappee.

14:28 Do all states in Australia recognise Vendor Financing?

16:35 How much is it for the legal fees?

16:49 What is a delayed settlement?

21:51 More golden nuggets of wisdom from Tony.

24:35 Tony talks about the sort of vendor finance properties he's involved in.

Step 4 - All your legal questions on Vendor Financing answered.

Thanks to Tony Cordato

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To Your Success Paul Zalitis The Aussie Wrapper


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