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Finding The Right Lawyer For Your Wrap Property

Updated: Feb 29

When finding the right lawyer for your WRAP property, you need to know that they have expertise in conveyancing and it is also preferable if he or she has handled 'Vendor Finance' contracts as well and is comfortable working with them.

You are going to find a solicitor easily within most metropolitan areas of Australia and certainly you will find several law firms in all regional cities.

You may need to look around and visit a few solicitors to discuss with them what sort of business you will want them to handle. When you know that they are comfortable and you are happy with their attitude, then you've likely found the right one. If not, look around and make further appointments until you do feel you've made the right choice.

Finding The Right Lawyer For Your Wrap Property | Paul Zalitis | The Aussie Wrapper

When you have found the right solicitor, you will need to give their details to your wrappee.

There is absolutely no problem with them using the same legal firm that you are using but you will likely find that they prefer to find one of their own.

Because wrappers focus on the capability of the wrappee to make regular payments rather than because they fill a certain check box criteria that the banks insist upon, there has to be an acceptance that both the wrapper and wrappee are carrying some risk.

Of course, the wrapper most certainly balances the risk he or she takes with the most attractive positive cashflow return from the property they purchase.

But the wrapper is providing a service which not only matches but often betters what the financial institutions can provide because it needs to be tailor made to meet the circumstances of both the wrapper and wrappee.

For these reasons, and because of the more unusual circumstances of purchasing the positive cash flow property, it is of the utmost importance that the right Vendor Finance lawyer is found for both parties.

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