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Why Vendor Financing is really your best real estate strategy - Case Study #1

Updated: Feb 29

Vendor Financing can help you boost your cash flow as well as grow your Investment Portfolio. Let´s run through how it works with a simple example of a Case Study.

The purchase price for the house is $210,000 which is about market value.

I have a deposit of 20% which is $42,000.

Payments are worked out on $168,000, this is worked out by taking away $42,000.

My interest rate is 6% of 30 years. My bank loan is $233 per week.

I am going to on-sell this property for $265,000 non-negotiable, $55,000 more than

my purchase price.

They have a deposit of $10,000.

So they will take a mortgage with me for $255,000.

I am charging 8% interest per annum over 30 years.

The Wrappee will therefore need to make instalment payments to me $433 per week.+ Rates Water and Insurance $158 per month divided by 4.33 which is $37.00 per week.

$433.00 + $37.00 = $470.00 per week.

Positive Cash Flow = $433 - $200= $200 Positive Cash Flow per week.

In other words, you can make $800 per month cash flow.

If you sell this property in two years, you would receive a gain of $45,000.

$255,000 - $210,000 =$45,000

This is due to the purchase price from the Wrapper on selling to the Wrappee.

It is vital we get our Mathematics right from the start. Learn more about Vendor Finance here.

Positive cash flow is possible, and once you learn the strategies you can keep it going sustainably.

I'm sharing my experience, knowledge and expertise gleaned over more than 20 years of working in this industry so you can get more than a head start to Vendor Financing without stumbling through the common pitfalls.

Try Vendor Financing if you cannot get a bank loan | Paul Zalitis | Aussie Wrapper
Try Vendor Financing if you cannot get a bank loan

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To Your Success Paul Zalitis The Aussie Wrapper


About Paul Zalitis, the Aussie Wrapper

What I’ve been doing is helping mates create positive cash flow and helping them achieve their dreams of owning property and building their finances through Property Vendor Financing.

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