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Dispelling The Myths Of House Wrapping

Updated: Feb 29

There have been quite a number of naysayers in the positive cashflow property investing market who have been increasing the debate about the ethics of Property Wraps (wrap around mortgages).

While there has been a small number of Wrappers who have not always completed a Wrap in an honest or ethical manner, you will find that in any area of property investment you will get a similar number of people who choose to walk over people's lives in order to make a 'quick buck'.

Thankfully sooner or later, these minor few do get their comeuppance and are dealt with by the law.

The absolute key to success when investing in a positive cashflow property wrap is to always create a win-win outcome for both parties. I always say that choosing to Wrap properties is as much about investing in people as it is investing in property.
Dispelling The Myths Of House Wrapping | Paul Zalitis | The Aussie Wrapper

When you handle a Wrap in the correct demeanour with a clear intention that it will be a win-win for both parties, it not only offers an excellent return for investment for the Vendor Financier but also provides the Wrappee with what would possibly be their only option for owning their own home with this being an absolute chance of a lifetime for them.

Because of the more unusual circumstances of a Wrap, as a Vendor Financier or Wrapper you must not follow a blind path of rules to create and complete the transaction.

This is where many first time wrappers fail. You must take the time to talk to experts who have successfully wrapped properties in the past and therefore have the appropriate expertise to educate you in completing your first and subsequent wraps in a way that is tailor made to your own personal circumstances and even the personal circumstances of the intended wrappee in each case.

To Your Success Paul Zalitis The Aussie Wrapper


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