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5 Tips To Paying Your Mortgage

Updated: Feb 29

Every Property Investor Will Want To Know these 5 Tips To Paying Your Mortgage

5 Tips to Paying your Mortgage | Paul Zalitis | The Aussie Wrapper

The buying and selling of property is one of the most profitable investments currently on offer. In addition to making huge profits, one of the nicest features of property investment is that it does not require in-depth financial knowledge to either enter or to exit.

Some of the richest people in Australia are in the property market. Among the biggest property magnates, you will find Frank Lowy, whose Westfield Group of Companies owns many shopping malls and Richard Pratt whose investments in real estate range from commercial to residential holdings.

These investors will always have a story to tell about how they actually acquired these properties. Most of these stories will revolve around the use of bank loans and other lenders.

Whether you use a mortgage to purchase that residential home that you have always admired or whether you use it for purchasing property for sale, there are questions that you must always answer.

Here are 5 tips that will help you have a hassle free mortgage servicing experience:

1. Investigate your intended property financier

Some lenders may not be registered by the proper government authorities to offer mortgage financing. It will therefore be important for you to take up loans that have a legal backing and a proper system of redress in the event of the lender flouting the provisions of law.

For example, lenders are expected to structure their repayment programs in a manner that allows the equity of the property to revert to the borrower in equal proportion to the repayment that has been made. This will protect the borrower, as the more equity he/she gains, the better the chances of securing their property. Legality of the whole transaction may affect the pattern of payment and it is in your interest to seek the best lender.

2. The use of rental income from the property As a property investor, you may want to rent out your building and use the net income from it to fund the repayment of the loan. It is therefore critical, from the outset, for real estate investors to identify property that will yield quick and consistent returns. Renting out of property that is valued highly may also be a choice for these who desire long term property investment but do not have the ability to pay the mortgage, or just want to reduce their monthly expenses.

3. Conduct a personal due diligence The often ignored principle in property purchase is research. Yes, research. It is paramount to know what your financial position is, the best rates in the market, and the fees for the transaction, any prepayment penalties and the needed commitments. From your investigation, it will be easy to pin point the best possible lenders in the mortgage market and thus help yourself during repayment. Insistence is placed on this point for the simple reason that most people will sign documents even without knowing what is at stake.

4. Agree on a way out

Many foreclosures may be avoided by simply agreeing with your lender on the best mode of repayment. Companies, for example, may pledge part of their equity so as to lessen their mortgage burden.

5. Sell

If you are in the property business as an investment, then you may consider selling your property to pay off the mortgage. For these investors, a good selling price will definitely be able to service the loan.

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