Hello Prospective Vendor Finacier,

Back in the early 2000’s when I started in Vendor Finance (VF), if you thought you were a vendor financier you were ;-) That is, there was almost no regulation of our industry.

No regulation had its good and bad points,…

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When it comes to selling your property, the majority of people consider only one option and that is to sell your home for a lump sum cash amount - the amount paid by the buyer is used to pay off any remaining loan on your own mortgage on the property…

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5 Cardinal Sins Homesellers Regularly Commit

  1. Not being clear about why they are selling.
  2. Forgetting to make the house appeal to the buyer's tastes.
  3. Asking an unrealistic purchase price.
  4. Not providing buyers with adequate information about the house. 
  5. Failing to consider owner financing, to increase the number of potential buyers.…

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Have you been looking for a Property investment seminar to go to?


First of all do as much research as you can before giving away your hard earned cash.

Is he or she really the real deal - or does it sound too good to be true.

What are you…

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Have you checked out the latest property prices around the area you would like to invest. 

Have you got properties around you that have been on the market for sometime, these properties may be over valued and have an unrealistic price set on them. The…

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In NSW the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) is now known as "First Home Owner Grant (New Homes) Scheme"

 A discussion on the Channel 10 news the other night, was saying people are not being able to purchase a home due…

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What sort of house do you need for Vendor Finance?

 As an experienced Vendor finance Property Investor I have a few rules I follow, this is one of them:

 I purchase 3 to 4 Bedroom homes that are made of brick or have been cladded (this is when the fibro…

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Vendor financing is not a new concept in Australia. I know and most of you know that this has been in practice for more than a century. It has emerged as a reliable tool for most residents to buy property making use of funds that come from the seller.


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Are you selling your home?

If you have come to the point of selling your property, make sure that it is a decision that will not hurt your future financial position and independence.

I believe that it will even be better for you to have acquired a new home once…

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