• Returns money into your pocket from day one as the tenant is paying more than your expenses to hold the property.
  • Under valued properties with renovation potential and subsequent depreciation benefits from the capital improvements, can bring a property from a net loss to a net gain.
  • New properties with…

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What to look for in Positive Cash Flow:

How do you get Positive Cash Flow:

Normal situation where the cash inflows during a period are higher than the cash outflows during the same period. 

Positive gearing is when the payments  from your  property is higher than costs such as loan repayments, and interest,on the loan…

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Positive Cashflow is the Foundation of any Successful Investment Strategy

Part 1: Positive Cash Flow

Positive Cash Flow as an investment strategy is great, especially if you’re just starting out. 

To get Positive cash flow from property investing you must be able to produce more income each week instead of losing…

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